A Look At Spam Bully

By Billy Delagarza

You may have heard of the word spam or may have even received e-mail spam already but you may not really know what it really is. Spam is any kind of junk mail, and unsolicited bulk mail and commercial content.

In the entire world, spam totals from 80 to 85% which just shows how severe the problem with spam is.

You will find out that the markets are all saturated with different kinds of programs and that includes anti-spam software. But the only catch is that no two programs are the same.

You will have to weigh through the pros and cons to find the right one.

Spam Bully is the newest anti-spam software that is released from the Bayesian spam filters.

There is one specific reason for why I like this program. It has the capacity to learn and can adapt to any kind of trend. It has the ability to spot different patterns, adapt to these patterns and learn from them.

What I mean by this is that the Spam Bully takes note of each message that you tag as a spam and as a legitimate email. Spam Bully can then mark off your emails automatically in the future after learning from you.

You may have to allow 2 weeks before you can successfully see Spam Bully mark emails accurately.

Because the program file isn't that huge only 4.5mb, those who would like to install the program will not have to waste such a long time on getting the file downloaded.

Also, the installation process is simple which makes it glitch free. Once you finally have Spam Bully up, the program will have to take a detailed look at your system before it can "optimize" itself.

The Spam Bully is specially designed for Outlook and Outlook Express users who want to be protected from different kinds of spam. This very specific approach is often undertaken by different companies to show how they can compete in tight markets. - 31837

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My Thoughts On Spam Bully

By Bryan Dostie

The modes of communication has steadily evolved through the years, and now we do not have to wait for such a long time before we can get letters from people halfway across the world.

The invention of the e-mail is really very revolutionary however, there are a few problems linked to it as well.

Email has become very invaluable through the years but sadly a few people have made this mode of communication very inconvenient for most of us. The number one problem when it comes to email is spam.

Spam is a problem among e-mail users with spam totaling to 80 to 85% of all e-mails worldwide. Spam is any kind of unsolicited e-mail or junk mail.

There are plenty of programs that can filter one's inbox and make sure that all the spam gets marked and segregated.

However, if you plan to purchase a software you better be good in scrutinizing all the available programs in the market. Each software is different from the other and you only want to get the one which is worth your money.

New from the Bayesian spam filters is Spam Bully, an anti-spam program. This program is marketed for those outlook and outlook express users who want to make sure that all the spam that gets in their email gets filtered and separated from the legitimate emails.

Targeting a specific market is the company's way of being competitive.

Spam Bully is different from the other anti-spam programs because of it can "learn" from the user. Spam Bully does not mark emails according to its own definition of what spam is but rather on how the user sees an email spam.

When the user manually marks spam in his inbox, Spam Bully will be able to track this pattern of filtering and use this knowledge to mark emails automatically.

Downloading Spam Bully won't take you that long as the it is only a 4.5mb file. However, the download speed ultimately depends on your internet connection.

The installation process is basically seamless but do not be surprised if the program asks to look around your software for a few seconds to "optimize". - 31837

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Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Fix

By Silas Steaphenee

Are you getting the Xbox 360 3 red lights on your system and regardless of of you pressing any function key there is no response and looks like everything is frozen, do not worry as you are not alone facing the problem there are many game players out there who have handled the issue once in there lifetime.

And thanks to there idea and experience Xbox 360 three red lights fix has become far easier.

First check if the console is placed in an open area and not in a bookcase or a cabinet as heats get trapped and the console gets overheated.

Make sure the area is well cleaned as occasionally due to dust accumulation the build in fan seems to stop working or gets clogged making the system display those red light errors. So vacuum clean all the dust away.

You may find many guides either free of cost or paying one time access amount to fix the issue. As some guide are not clear while giving instruction which can cause further damage to your system, so be sure you pick the right guide which is well crafted and straightforward to understand.

Last if you cannot work out the solution to your problem you can send the console to Microsoft repair centre but ensure that you are ready to invest cash and time as it takes them weeks to solve the problem and ship it back.

Like it is said that prevention is better then a cure so take care that instead of waiting for the system to crash you take all the necessary step to avoid the problem.

find out how did I was able to fully fix my Xbox 360 three red lights mistakes within one hour!

There are certain guides out there that shows you the easy way to dismantle your Xbox 360 and correcting it. - 31837

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A Cap On Xbox 360

By Silas Steaphenee

So you are playing your fave game on Xbox 360. Perhaps it's halo 3, maybe it's Guitar Hero. Suddenly the screen freezes up and then goes blank. And what do you know, the green lights on the front of the console turn into 3 red lights.

Don't Worry, it CAN Be Fixed

Before you panic and throw that Xbox 360 out, shall we consider your options when it comes to a way to fix my Xbox 360 - 3 red lights.

The explanation why you are getting those lights is actually extremely simple. They're a code that tells you some internal element is malfunctioning. It is like the check engine light on the vehicle.

The cause of that malfunction all goes back to heat.

As you almost certainly know, Xbox 360 gets extraordinarily hot. Microsoft failed to do an excellent job with the look of the console, and over ten percent of Xbox 360s get the three Red Lights ( often times called the Red Ring of Death ).

Now you might think that the system is toast or you are going to have to purchase a new Xbox 360, but there are fixes available.

How to Fix My Xbox 360 - Fix 1

Like I said, heat is the base problem to why you are getting the Red Ring of Death. If you play your console for long periods of time, that heat builds up and causes certain components to flex and become disconnected.

Before you pay anyone any money, ensure your console is well ventilated. Take it out of the small cupboard it may be in--that traps heat. Don't set it at once on the carpet either. That is like placing it in the oven, bad!

Make sure the console is well ventilated and perhaps even put a tiny fan near it to help blow cool air into the system. Let it chill for roughly 10-20 mins before you try it again. - 31837

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Xbox 360 3 Flashing Red Lights Of Death

By Silas Steaphenee

If you've owned an Xbox 360 for any period of time or know someone who has, then you're probably aware of the feared "three flashing red lights of death". What are the "three flashing red lights of death?"

They are when three of the four lights round the power button for the Xbox 360 start flashing red when the system is turned on. This is not the only problem that will occur with the Xbox 360, but this problem is one that often requires repairs to be done on the Xbox 360 in order for the blinking red lights to depart.

The Xbox 360 three flashing red lights of death is an indication by the Xbox 360 unit of a General Hardware Failure. Turning the system off and on or permitting the unit to cool down won't dump the problem. The system will have to have repairs done. Microsoft support is able to perform these repairs, but there are some issues regarding this.

First, for Microsoft to patch up the Xbox 360, the unit must be sent to them. This process alone can take a couple of weeks and depending on the seriousness of the problem can cost around $150 to have the problem fixed. So after two weeks and close to $150 you get your Xbox 360 system back and hopefully it is mended. Hopefully meaning Microsoft was able to fix the issue and the system was returned without being damaged again in transit.

The alternative answer is to fix the 3 flashing red lights issue yourself. To do that you need to pickup the Xbox 360 Red Lights repair guide. This guide offers step-by-step instructions on how to easily fix the "three flashing red lights of death" as well as other Xbox 360 issues like overheating, graphics errors, and freeze ups. Many people have reported using the Red Lights repair manual and getting their Xbox 360 back in working order in approximately an hour. Actually faster than the turnaround from Microsoft and much less expensive ( $25 ). - 31837

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Know The Xbox 360 Mistake Lights! Identify Yours

By Silas Steaphenee

Mistake lights can be as mysterious as error codes. When an error light flashes then it suggests that there's a problem with the xbox console. I have listed all the possible error lights which used to happen in the xbox 360 console. I'm listing out all the mistake just to make sure that yours is "red rings of death error" or "Three red light fix error".

1. Green / Red Light - Unit will usually Restart twice then flash red and green

2. Solid Green w / no audio / video / eject - Unit will boot to a black screen with no video, audio or eject. When the eject button is pressed, unit will flash green.

3. Solid Green w / no audio / video - Unit will boot to a black screen with no video or audio, but will eject the CD drive

4. Orange / Green flashing - Missing or bad audio / video pack

5. Orange flashing - Reset Signal is not making contact on the LPC bus

6. Orange / Red Flashing - Unit will reboot twice then flash red and orange

7. Green flashing or green then red flashing - Corrupt or missing eeprom

8. Solid Red - System failure

9. Power supply light alone is red or orange - Poor power supply to the Xbox

Xbox 360 red rings of death can be fixed permanently in only one hour. There is a guide available in the market which is designed typically for this problem which will help you to fix your xbox in only one hour from now. This also come with video tutorials so that you can do it very easily and fast. The best part is that they come with one hundred percent money back guarantee. Yes, if you can't fix your xbox then you will utterly get your money back. They're bold enough to supply the money back guarantee because they've a proven strategy using which over 100000 Xbox have been fixed all around the globe. - 31837

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Find Out How To Fix Xbox 360

By Silas Steaphenee

Let me guess - you have come face to face with a monster. The Xbox 360 3 flashing red lights, right? Everyone knows what that means : general hardware failure. And we all know what that suggests for your gaming.

It implies it's over.

Until you rid your Xbox 360 of those three flashing red lights, that is!

Many people presume their Xbox 360 is gone for good when they first lay their eyes on those three flashing red lights. Some people whose warranty has expired even dash out and get a replacement console, wasting hundreds of dollars.

The reality is, the console they believe is dead is not basically dead.

It just requires a tiny first aid. A visit to the console emergency room.

Microsoft would have you think that the console emergency room lives within their hallowed walls. And yup, they will fix your Xbox 360 and send it back to you minus those 3 flashing red lights. But it'll cost in the region of $140. And you need your 360 back under your TV fast? Forget about it. Microsoft usually return consoles after 6 to 8 weeks. You want to wait that long?

"So where's the real console Emergency Room?" I hear you ask.

It's wherever you are right now!

Yep! Agree with it or not, you actually possess all that you need to dispose of those pesky three flashing red lights all on your own.

The key to learning how to do that for yourself is The Xbox 360 Red Light Fix Pro Gamer Edition. This is a complete solution, brought to you by tech pros who know the Xbox 360 like the backs of their hands. They guarantee their strategy will work for you inside two hours!

Hard as that could be to believe, it actually is the case. Within 2 hours from now, your Xbox 360 will be working good as new again, and those 3 flashing red lights will be nowhere in sight.

And then gaming can recommence! - 31837

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